Data Estate Modernisation.

Increase the value return on your data estate using Nordcloud and Azure

Need to increase the ROI of your Data Estate?

Want to improve the cost to value ratio of your data estate, while enabling agile and efficient data driven business?

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Data Estate Modernization with Azure

These challenges sound familiar?

High costs

Do you have data workloads that represent a large portion of your costs?

Multiple Silos

Do you have multiple data silos providing similar capabilities for different data sets?


Do your users have issues getting access to timely data?


Do you have issues ensuring compliance and data security with the different data silos within your organisation?

The Solution: Data Estate Modernisation on Azure by Nordcloud

Why could this be so valuable to your business?

Extracting value from data

We can help specifically identify opportunities to leverage Azure services to build data analytics solutions

Enabling agile data

We define a data governance model that works for your business, that enables us to build a technical foundation for agile, secure and efficient publishing and consumption of data

Lower cost of data workloads

We identify your more costly data workloads and modernize those to Azure SQL or other data services

Fast time to value

Fast and cost effective setup based on Nordcloud built automation

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Webinar: Analytics in a day

Truly game-changing innovation is driven by data, because powerful insights are hidden in the millions of data that are generated every day.

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Webinar: Modernise a database in a day

As more and more organizations are modernizing their applications and data centers to the cloud, how do you as database professional equip yourself with an end-to-end overview of cloud database technologies, architecture options, migration tools, and cost plus business value considerations?

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