Embrace Lifelong Learning

Meet our Technical Trainer Michaela Vikman! As a cloud trainer she helps external and internal customers learn about and succeed in public cloud.

Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

I am probably one of very few technical people who did not come to Nordcloud because of public cloud, instead I came looking for a training job. Once I started learning about public cloud I of course got completely hooked; starting out with Azure, then moving on to AWS and finally adding also GCP to the mix.

I grew up in Pietarsaari and then moved to Turku to study chemical engineering. After graduating I started working in a telecommunications company in Espoo and spent 18 years there before coming to Nordcloud. So everything IT related I have learned on the job and as I have had many different roles over the years I see myself as a good example of embracing lifelong learning.  

What is your core competence? On top of that, please also tell about your role and projects shortly.

My core competence is technical training, meaning that I deliver AWS and GCP courses for our external and internal customers. Sometimes those courses are held in Helsinki where I am based but I also spend a lot of time travelling and delivering public and dedicated courses in the Nordics and the UK. In the last year most courses have been virtual, which has been a new and interesting experience for me.

What sets you on fire / what’s your favourite thing with public cloud?

The fact that it is available for anyone. All the major providers offer possibilities to try things out for free or with very little money so anyone can give it a go. For companies the most efficient way to train a lot of people is usually through training courses, but e.g. unemployed people who maybe cannot afford instructor led training still have many other ways to learn.

What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

I love that I get to spend my working time doing what I like the most: learning new things and then passing on that knowledge to others.

Also I really appreciate the freedom that I have when not delivering courses. Of course I have targets regarding what I need to have done by when, but how and when I choose to work is up to me. A side effect of this is that I might not get out of my pyjamas until lunchtime.

What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

Seeing the difference that training can make in a company has been very rewarding. Continuous learning is very valuable both for the company and the individual and Nordcloud offers employees possibilities for training and certification with certification bonuses as an additional source of motivation. 

Especially on the dedicated customer courses where everyone is from the same company I also see how powerful it is when people get a common terminology and knowledge base to move forward with. Also from a non technical perspective the courses add value in that they bring people together in the same room for several days and encourages discussions that would not take place during a short meeting.  

What do you do outside work?

Outside work I love hanging out with my husband and friends and relatives. I also like doing sports and try to work out at least once every day. And of course there can never be too much eating and sleeping.

How would you describe Nordcloud’s culture in 3 words?

Open, relaxed and positive.

Best Nordcloudian memory?

The 2017 summer party at Allas Sea Pool. Coming from a large company it was pretty amazing to work for a company where everyone in the Helsinki office could fit into the same sauna. As the company has grown a lot since then we now need bigger venues for the parties but we continue to have fun together.

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    Nordcloudian story of Briana Romero!

    1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

    I’m from northern california, USA and moved to Finland about eight years ago as an exchange student and intended just to just stay a few months. The point to being a part of Nordcloud today and when I moved involved a lot of different jobs, and experiences plus completing my masters in design. After I started to specialize more in service design in Finland I knew I had found a career I could get passionate about, and I learned more about Nordcloud after some research and applied for an open position. 

    2. What is your role and your core competence?

    I am a service designer but also do UX design. I am specialized in CX customer experience & UX user experience design and also have a background in sustainability processes and teaching. 

    3. What sets you on fire / what’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud?

    It’s exciting that the public cloud could lead the door to a more sustainable future when it’s in the right hands. It’s also interesting to learn something I thought I would not learn so much about since my role is in design. 

    4. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

    I like the ability to learn more all the time and bring up new ideas for ways to work with clients and how to integrate service design more. It’s also cool to get the chance to learn about development too. 

    5. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

     Be flexible and brave with ideas about design. You never know what project you will be in and where you can use different skills. 

    6. What do you do outside work?

     I like a lot of outdoor sports as well as dancing. My hobbies really change during the season though since I moved to Finland. I love the sauna and always find a way to go. I also love making art and visiting new cafes, & listening to good music.

    7. Best Nordcloudian memory?

    Taking an inprov course during our team day was pretty fun. I enjoy also sharing knowledge about design and processes with our clients when they don’t know what it is. When doing a workshop it’s awesome when you can get in the creative flow and ideas start coming out easily. 

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      Meet Petri Kallberg – our CTO from Finland!


      Life at Nordcloud

      1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

      My professional background includes sysadmin, customer support, sales engineering, consultant etc roles. The common thing with all of them being helping others with technical challenges.

      I started at Nordcloud the first time in 2013 when we were less than 10 people. Finland is a small country and in IT everyone knows everybody. I had been working with Ilja at Nokia earlier and I knew he was building this new company focused 100% on a public cloud. It did sound an interesting idea and a great opportunity to learn new things …

      Since that, a lot of things happened. I took a two-year “field-trip to customer side”, and joined Nordcloud for a second time at the beginning of 2019 as CTO of Nordcloud Finland. We have changed a lot in 6 years but what brought me back was getting back into a position where I can help people, my colleagues & our customers, and have my hands-on latest-n-greatest of IT technology. Knowing there would be a great team to work with made the decision easy.

      2. What is your core competence?

      I’m coming from what I would call “legacy IT” (or what was the state-of-the-art in the late 90s) thus things like data center infrastructure still close to my heart. Many things have changed but even in modern serverless architecture you still need a network, especially if you plan to communicate with legacy systems in on-prem data centers.

      I would like to think I have something to offer for modernizing existing services but also helping new people to understand why some (strange) requirements (but not all) should be taken seriously. Kind of building a bridge between past and future.

      3. What sets you on fire / what’s your favorite thing technically with public cloud?

      The biggest thing in the public cloud is definitely granting access to the same state-of-the-art IT resources for everyone. If you have an idea you can just build it. If you find later it wasn’t quite as good as you first thought, just shut it down. And then start building the next version of it.

      Working with people who have this “getting it done” attitude and helping them to build new stuff is what makes my day.

      4. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

      Flexibility and freedom to innovate. It’s not just thinking outside of the box, but you will get support from your peers and company to make it really happen. Of course, it takes some effort on your side to sell the idea, but I haven’t met too many naysayers.

      5. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

      It’s about learning every day a new thing (or two). I can not really pick a single thing that is more valuable than others as the sum is far greater than the parts. Development of public cloud platforms is so rapid you can not manage it alone. To stay up-to-date you must have a great team of like-minded people around you who will notice things you missed and challenge your ideas.

      6. What do you do outside work?

      I love movies and live music. My taste in movies is biased towards art house cinema, directors like Peter Greenaway, Lars von Trier, and Aki & Mika Kaurismäki. But I wouldn’t say no for a good action movie either. For music, a small venue and interesting stage persona are more important than a specific genre.

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        Meet Eija from Nordcloud’s Design Studio Intergalactico!


        Life at Nordcloud

        Eija works as a Senior UX Designer at Nordcloud Jyväskylä and she is one of Design Studio Intergalactico‘s experts with superpowers. Everyone at Nordcloud knows that ‘where there is Eija, there is laughter and joy’! Eija is a real pro in design from multiple perspectives and she enjoys designing both visual aspect and user-friendliness of services. On her free time she works as a freelancer photographer. You can see her photos on Instagram. But read her story first!

        I live in Central Finland, Jyväskylä to be exact. I’ve lived here my whole life, but love the fact that I get to travel around Finland and sometimes around the world for work. When I started at Nordcloud (or SC5 back then) five years ago I got to dive straight into a really interesting project; Making online games, or rather electric raffle tickets for Veikkaus. It was exciting and I learned a great deal from the project, the client and of course my colleagues. 

        My title is Senior UX Designer, UX design is what I mostly do. My daily work consists of a wide range of design work and I love the fact that I get to do so much of what I feel enthusiastic about. Solving real problems and coming up with something game changing is what sets me on fire! It is fulfilling when you’re presented with a problematic use case and you turn it into a seriously dazzling user experience! WOW! This of course applies in digital products, but why not also in social or communicational scenes. 

        On top of the inspiring work and professional growth that I’ve experienced at Nordcloud I have to say that the single best thing here are the people! I get to work with tech and design professionals, and it blows my mind how much I can learn from them. And even though we’re all nerdy we are also super cool and hip and fun!

        On top of being a designer at Nordcloud I’m also doing a lot of Culture Ambassadory things. For me this means being the ears and voice of my colleagues, developing our culture, tackling possible issues in our work community or environment with our people operations team and initiating fun things to do together. Along these I also do quite a lot of photography both at work and in my free time. To balance it all out I work out in different forms at the gym, dance studio and outdoors. And hey, these are all things that are supported and encouraged by Nordcloud!

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          Nordcloudians at NodeConf EU 2019

          NodeConf EU is Europe’s biggest conference in the Node.js community. Nordcloud visited the 2019 edition in Kilkenny, the old capital of Ireland, with a team of four. Here’s a summary of the conference trip and the talks that impressed us.

          Kilkenny is a nice small town with very friendly people with a nice accent. There are plenty of old buildings like castles and cathedrals to explore, not to mention all the nice pubs that are easy to find at every corner of the town.

          One of the nice pubs: Kyteler’s Inn

          Exploring Kilkenny (From the left: Henri, Viljami, Olli, Perttu)

          Skycatch Drone Demo at the parking lot of the Lyrath Estate


          The talks ranged from low level memory management in V8 to creating graph representations of cloud architectures and all the way to showcasing the open-source smart watch which were handed to each conference participant. The theme of the 2019 conference seemed to be open source software, which could be seen in a couple of presentations that shared the theme. Even the opening talk was about open source being art.

          The talks were mostly well presented and the content was interesting and educational. It was nice to hear about the upcoming progression like the QUIC protocol, Node certifications, and what’s happening with the module ecosystem. All talks can be found from NodeConf YouTube channel.

          These are the three presentations that you should definitely check out:


          There were several workshops with very different topics to choose from. We were able to build personalized schedules based on our interests, which was something that we liked. Arranging workshops is always challenging and getting it right for massive audiences is not easy. Unfortunately some of the workshops in the conference didn’t manage to meet our expectations. A few of the workshops got sidetracked and did not focus on the topic at hand. Nevertheless we learned something from every workshop and didn’t leave empty handed. The workshop that stood out the most was  “Error handling: doing it right!” which was professionally presented and provided good concepts. 

          Venue and afternoon activities

          We would be lying if we said we didn’t like the venue, in fact we absolutely loved it! Lyrath Estate was fantastic and the conference’s facilities were top notch. The food was good, the snacks were tasty, the tea was refreshing, and not to forget the service which was the most excellent.

          We stayed in the center of Kilkenny and enjoyed the well organized bus transportation to and from Lyrath Estate, and to all the activities. There were plenty of afternoon activities to keep us busy, and we especially liked the game night in which we got to participate in various circus party games. For the whole time of the conference there were two arcade machines available: Pacman and Space Invaders, which were a nice addition. The icing on the cake was the final evening gala dinner and its three course menu.

          Sum up

          NodeConf EU is a conference with competent speakers, great content, in a world class venue. The conference has been a yearly attraction at Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny Ireland for some time, and it can be seen in how well it has been organized. It is suited for pretty much everyone interested in Node, and there certainly is something for people with varying skill sets. You get a chance to meet and discuss with some of the Node Core developers and hear the latests news on what’s going on in Node and the community. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is welcomed no matter the background one comes from.

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            Ensuring the Growth through Talent Acquisition

            Marko leads our global team of talent acquisition professionals and plays an important part in ensuring that we have a strong talent base with the right skillset. Talent Acquisition team is there to make sure that – thanks to having skilled tech experts and other Nordcloud pros – we are able to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.

            Among many other things Marko is appreciated by his positive can-do attitude, human approach and team play spirit – he’s always ready to deliver and you can 100% trust he’s there with you. Here’s his story!

            Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

            I have a long background from HR and recruitment related roles from mainly larger global organizations. So, when I was given a chance to join Nordcloud in spring 2018 I was eager to hop onboard to a frontrunner operating in public cloud industry. The strong growth mindset combined with agile ways of working helped my decision to join. Naturally very talented and easy-going colleagues proved my decision was right 😉

             What is your core competence? On top of that, please also tell about your role and projects shortly.

            As an HR person working with people and supporting the growth of our business is naturally in the core of everything, we in Talent Acquisition do. My own core competence is within Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding. Engaging with talented candidates across the globe is naturally very important and something I find very valuable to me and the company. 

            In my current role as Global Talent Lead, I’m responsible our Talent Acquisition functions. Luckily in this role I’m also able to roll my sleeves and support our business in their concrete recruitment needs. Also all the development projects, big and small related to TA are on my agenda. Very cool!

            What sets you on fire / what’s your favorite thing technically with public cloud?

            Being an HR person, I’m looking at things from a bit different “HR”-angle. The thing that sets me on fire is engaging with people externally and internally. Technically the most inspiring thing for me is the sheer speed the public cloud scene is evolving and changing constantly. New features in the systems and the ways we can bring added value to our clients amazes me every day.

            What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

            The number 1 for me has been sharing my days with and learning from the talented colleagues in the company. No matter the country or role, everyone is very skilled and hardworking and bringing their best to the table in all occasions. This combined with the fact that Nordcloud is a very easy company to enter, everyone is warmly welcoming you to the team. Though not a start-up company anymore but the fact the startup mindset is still somewhat present in a good way (problem solving attitude, how to improve the processes and how to make a difference every day). Me like! 

            What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

            First of all, during my tenure In Nordcloud I’ve learned to know very talented new colleagues. From Talent Acquisition perspective I’ve learned a lot about how to scale up recruitment to make a difference and to support the growth of our company and business in the best possible way. 

            What do you do outside work?

            Having 2 kids (10-year old boy and 8-year old girl), wife and 2 dogs – family life comes as a high priority quite naturally. Whenever having time, different types of sports (crossfit, cycling, skiing, etc) are also very close to my heart. 

            How would you describe Nordcloud’s culture in 3 words?

            Open, Honest and Collaborative

            Best Nordcloudian memory?

            Those numerous after-works with colleagues after a hard day’s work. Just to sit back and relax 😉

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              A Series of Fortunate Events


              Life at Nordcloud

              Meet Mika Haapsaari who is working as a Senior Azure Cloud Architect at Nordcloud! Mika is one of our senior pros and his responsibilities include leading one of our Azure teams in Helsinki. Here’s his story.

              1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

              I’m originally from a small town in Western Finland. After I decided to study IT, I wound up in Tampere, which I still like to call my “spiritual home” – now I’m part of the Nordcloud HQ right here in Helsinki! 

              Me ending up at Nordcloud is actually a pretty strange series of fortunate events, which could be a whole separate story on it’s own. I was actually never “supposed to” end up working with the cloud to begin with – I studied networking and software development in college – but, long story short, after meeting the right people almost a decade ago, getting into Azure from the very beginning and then Reeta from our recruitment calling me at a really opportune time, here I am!

              2. What is your core competence? On top of that, please also tell about your role and projects shortly.

              I like the big picture stuff. Designing the architecture from the ground up on a detailed level alongside with the customer is what I like to think is my strong suit. My role currently is to work as a technical lead for one of our major accounts. Not to forget the getting-your-hands dirty technical stuff as well.

              3. What’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud?

              This is a tough question actually, there’s so many things to choose from. I love the different options you have for automation, everyone can pick and choose the tools you would like to use for building the automation workflow and it will work just as well as the one next to it. Public cloud in general is a really interesting field because there’s a lot of new stuff coming out all the time. There’s new possibilities every week to do things differently that you necessarily did not know existed the week before!

              4. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

              There could be a lot of things listed here as well, but the #1 thing I would bring up is the level of support you get while working here. In my career I’ve mostly been working as a one-man wolf pack (yes, that’s a timely reference to pop culture) and working with such skilled colleagues is a little new to me. But here, whether you need help with anything, there is always a person ready to help or point you in the right direction.

               5. What do you do outside work?

              I read that Paul is building space suits in his spare time, and now I wish I had something as cool to share with you.. 

              I love to travel as much as I can. While I’m waiting for my next trip, I like to participate in some social activism. These days I am on the board of my labor union plus I try to be active in a certain political party. Elections are the best! If I want to just de-stress, I play videogames 😎

              8. How would you describe Nordcloud’s culture in 3 words?




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                Look ma, I created a home IoT setup with AWS, Raspberry Pi, Telegram and RuuviTags


                BlogTech Community

                Hobby projects are a fun way to try and learn new things. This time, I decided to build a simple IoT setup for home, to collect and visualise information like temperature, humidity and pressure. While learning by doing was definitely one of the reasons I decided to embark the project, I for example wanted to control the radiators located in the attic: Not necessarily by switching power on/off, but getting alarms if I’m heating it too much or little, so that I can tune the power manually. Saving some money, in practice. Also, it is nice the get reminders from humidor that the cigars are getting dried out 😉

                I personally learned several things while working on it, and via this blog post, hopefully you can too!


                Idea of the project is relatively simple: Place a few RuuviTag -sensors around the house, collect the data and push it into AWS cloud for permanent storage and additional processing. From there, several solutions can be built around the data, visualisation and alarms being being only few of them.

                Overview of the setup

                Solution is built using AWS serverless technologies that keeps the running expenses low while requiring almost non-existing maintenance. Following code samples are only snippets from the complete solution, but I’ve tried to collect the relevant parts.

                Collect data with RuuviTags and Raspberry Pi

                Tag sensors broadcasts their data (humidity, temperature, pressure etc.) via Bluetooth LE periodically. Because Ruuvi is an open source friendly product, there are already several ready-made solutions and libraries to utilise. I went with node-ruuvitag, which is a Node.js module (Note: I found that module works best with Linux and Node 8.x but you may be successful with other combinations, too).

                Raspberry Pi runs a small Node.js application that both listens the incoming messages from RuuviTags and forwards them into AWS IoT service. App communicates with AWS cloud using thingShadow client, found in AWS IoT Device SDK module. Application authenticates using X.509 certificates generated by you or AWS IoT Core.

                The scripts runs as a Linux service. While tags broadcast data every second or so, the app in Raspberry Pi forwards the data only once in 10 minutes for each tag, which is more than sufficient for the purpose. This is also an easy way to keep processing and storing costs very low in AWS.

                When building an IoT or big data solution, one may initially aim for near real-time data transfers and high data resolutions while the solution built on top of it may not really require it. Alternatively, consider sending data in batches once an hour and with 10 minute resolution may be sufficient and is also cheaper to execute.

                When running the broadcast listening script in Raspberry Pi, there are couple things to consider:

                • All the tags may not appear at first reading: (Re)run ruuvi.findTags() every 30mins or so, to ensure all the tags get collected
                • Raspberry Pi can drop from WLANSetup a script to automatically reconnect in a case that happens

                With these in place, the setup have been working without issues, so far.

                Process data in AWS using IoT Core and friends

                AWS processing overview

                Once the data hits the AWS IoT Core there can be several rules for handling the incoming data. In this case, I setup a lambda to be triggered for each message. AWS IoT provides also a way to do the DynamoDB inserts directly from the messages, but I found it more versatile and development friendly approach to use the lambda between, instead.

                AWS IoT Core act rule

                DynamoDB works well as permanent storage in this case: Data structure is simple and service provides on demand based scalability and billing. Just pay attention when designing the table structure and make sure it fits with you use cases as changes done afterwards may be laborious. For more information about the topic, I recommend you to watch a talk about Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB.

                DynamoDB structure I end up using

                Visualise data with React and Highcharts

                Once we have the data stored in semi structured format in AWS cloud, it can be visualised or processed further. I set up a periodic lambda to retrieve the data from DynamoDB and generate CSV files into public S3 bucket, for React clients to pick up. CSV format was preferred over for example JSON to decrease the file size. At some point, I may also try out using the Parquet -format and see if it suits even better for the purpose.

                Overview visualisations for each tag

                The React application fetches the CSV file from S3 using custom hook and passes it to Highcharts -component.

                During my professional career, I’ve learnt the data visualisations are often causing various challenges due to limitations and/or bugs with the implementation. After using several chart components, I personally prefer using Highcharts over other libraries, if possible.

                Snapshot from the tag placed outside

                Send notifications with Telegram bots

                Visualisations works well to see the status and how the values vary by the time. However, in case something drastic happens, like humidor humidity gets below preferred level, I’d like to get an immediate notification about it. This can be done for example using Telegram bots:

                1. Define the limits for each tag for example into DynamoDB table
                2. Compare limits with actual measurement whenever data arrives in custom lambda
                3. If value exceeds the limit, trigger SNS message (so that we can subscribe several actions to it)
                4. Listen into SNS topic and send Telegram message to message group you’re participating in
                5. Profit!

                Limits in DynamoDB



                By now, you should have some kind of understanding how one can combine IoT sensor, AWS services and outputs like web apps and Telegram nicely together using serverless technologies. If you’ve built something similar or taken very different approach, I’d be happy hear it!

                Price tag

                Building and running your own IoT solution using RuuviTags, Raspberry Pi and AWS Cloud does not require big investments. Here are some approximate expenses from the setup:

                • 3-pack of RuuviTags: 90e (ok, I wish these were a little bit cheaper so I’d buy these more since the product is nice)
                • Raspberry Pi with accessories: 50e
                • Energy used by RPi: http://www.pidramble.com/wiki/benchmarks/power-consumption
                • Lambda executions: $0,3/month
                • SNS notifications: $0,01/month
                • S3 storage: $0,01/month
                • DynamoDB: $0,01/month

                And after looking into numbers, there are several places to optimise as well. For example, some lambdas are executed more often than really needed.

                Next steps

                I’m happy say this hobby project has achieved that certain level of readiness, where it is running smoothly days through and being valuable for me. As a next steps, I’m planning to add some kind of time range selection. As the amount of data is increasing, it will be interesting to see how values vary in long term. Also, it would be a good exercise to integrate some additional AWS services, detect drastic changes or communication failures between device and cloud when they happen. This or that, at least now I have a good base for continue from here or build something totally different next time 🙂

                References, credits and derivative work

                This project is no by means a snowflake and has been inspired by existing projects and work:


                For more content follow Juha and Nordcloud Engineering on Medium.

                At Nordcloud we are always looking for talented people. If you enjoy reading this post and would like to work with public cloud projects on a daily basis — check out our open positions here.

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                  Quirky Humour and Make the World a Better Place Spirit

                  Meet our UX Developer Tuire Peurala from Nordcloud’s design studio Intergalactico! 

                  When I was a kid, my interests were on science. I started my studies in Helsinki Uni with chemistry and steered my way through some biochemistry and physics to computer science and finally to front-end development and design. I’ve been working in a couple of product companies and landed to consulting a few years ago at Nordcloud which at a time was SC5.

                  Currently I’m working with a client on telecom business, designing their customer service portal. My favourite part at my work is the process of understanding complex systems and making things easy and useful for the end-users. I’m keen on having the users voice heard.

                  Working at Nordcloud has brought out the possibilities of public cloud for me. It’s inspiring to understand that we can easily take into use quite sophisticated tech (like for example image recognition and other AI related services) to our projects.

                  At Intergalactico (our design studio) I’m surrounded with a great bunch of colleagues with tons of experience and proficiency, quirky sense of humour and quite a lot of “Make the world a better place” spirit. Our studio has a culture of sharing and continuous learning and some of the best moments for me at Nordcloud have been learning new stuff together.

                  Ok, there’s been also some great moments when we have been really engaging in a team effort to build great services and some other memorable moments involving jacuzzis.

                  Outside of work I like to be on the move, be it in nature camping or in the city seeing the latest exhibition at Amos Rex.


                  Interested in learning more about our design studio Intergalactico and their creatives with superpowers? Check Intergalactico’s website and visit their Medium blog!

                  Tuire and other Intergalactico team leads are looking for more UX Developers and UX Designers to their warm-hearted team.

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                    Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model


                    Life at Nordcloud

                    Our Cloud Advisor Petri Pekkarinen works at the Helsinki office and his main responsibilities are to consult customers about public cloud strategy, operational models and governance. You might know him from our blog as he has earlier written about how Cloud Center of Excellence Supports Continuous Transformation and Right Partners Are the Key to Digital Transformation Success.

                    Here’s his story.

                    Cloud Advisor Nordcloud

                    1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

                    I’m from Helsinki, Finland. I started my career roughly 15 years ago in telecommunications industry and then moved on to traditional datacenter marketing and solution sales. Roughly 3 years ago I realized my whole career has been very product driven and products alone don’t make a change – people do.  So I made a move service provider company and consulting, but even there I felt I was not able to make a big enough impact. 

                    At Nordcloud I have reached my goal and here I’m really able to help organizations transform and modernize their operations.

                    2. What is your core competence?

                    I’m always looking forward and always trying to find ways to improve in everything. I believe my background in business, product management and IT contributes strongly on my ability to see the big picture and areas where Nordcloud’s customers should improve.

                    3. What sets you on fire / what’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud?

                    It is definitely the global scale. Public cloud puts everyone on the same line, no matter what is the size of your company. Public cloud significantly reduces time-to-market for new products and effortlessly makes them available for everyone around the world. Thanks to public cloud, competitive landscape is dramatically different to, say 10 years ago, and traditional companies are forced to rethink the way they are operating in order to remain competitive against more agile competitors. 

                    4. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

                    At Nordcloud I have an opportunity to cowork and learn from very skilled teams and individuals and deliver world class services.  

                    5. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

                    Well, to start with, I didn’t have public cloud experience, so I pretty much started from scratch. But it was a positive surprise to realize physical datacenter infrastructure and infrastructure in cloud are not very different in terms of architecture and components, so it didn’t take long to get up to speed. The real learning for me is around devops, agile development methods and technologies. 

                    I’m still learning and most likely learning will never stop. That’s another great part of working at Nordcloud!  

                    6. What do you do outside work?

                    My family keeps me pretty busy (in a positive way), but when I have personal free time I enjoy going to live concerts and movies. I’m also passionate Liverpool FC supporter and in general I’m watching the Premier League football almost every weekend. I also like to read informative and educational books.

                     7. How would you describe Nordcloud’s culture in 3 words?

                    This one is easy to question to answer. Open, collaborative, agile. 

                    8. Best Nordcloudian memory?

                    AWS Summit 2019 in Stockholm. It was really great to hear Guido Partels (Managing Director, Nordics & Baltics) thank Nordcloud for outstanding cooperation during his opening keynote.

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