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We are approached by more and more businesses each day, wanting to turbocharge their move to the cloud. Many of these customers want to have their environment based on the Azure platform. So what does it mean for Nordcloud? Logically, we need more skilled engineers and architects (mid to senior level) within Azure technologies. It can be anything from databases, applications, consulting and building the strategy to modern infrastructure and further development.

To fulfil this growing demand we are looking for the best talent to help develop our Azure practice within Nordcloud. You can join this journey and contribute to the digital transformation of big brands. We are based in 10 countries across Europe, where you can work for us. It’s Finland (HQ), Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s fine if you want to work remotely from any of these countries. No need to be exactly in the city where we operate, but due to clients needs, country matters.

We have lots of discussions with people experienced in Microsoft technologies, who are simply missing that hands-on Azure experience. Are you there as well? No chances in your place to work on enterprise-class clients projects? Not that Agile environment? It may be time to rethink your next career step.

We gathered a few insights from our Azure Architects to give you a sense of why is such a great team to be a part of. 

Sławek, Azure Tech Lead:

In one sentence, on my projects, I helped multiple customers to build cloud readiness for their businesses. Of course, it means different thing from project to project, but just to name a few of them:

  • implementation of a new cloud operational model built around the CCoE concept.
  • HLD and LLD for multi-regional network design with SDWAN and Azure VirtualWan.
  • Azure Cloud Foundation created with IaC (Terraform or ARM Templates) being compliant with Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • PaaS platform design and on-prem apps migration to the cloud.

For me, the greatest thing about work at Nordcloud is the ability to constantly grow by studying and doing stuff within cutting edge technologies. Furthermore, the project’s teams are formed across all Nordcloud’s locations. As a result, each project brings not only new cloud challenges but also it brings new people, new colleagues, new experts. My professional network is growing, I have someone to learn from and I have more and more experts to go to if needed.

Piotrek, Azure Tech Lead:

My last project was an enormous challenge. The implementation of the Landing Zone in a sovereign cloud is not easy in a large international organization. Despite some difficulties, we prepared a lot of automation to implement the project in the concept infrastructure as code (IaC) and satisfy the client.

Marcin, Azure Cloud Architect:

Why is every day at Nordcloud amazing for me? Simply put because of the projects and teams, I work with. Today I am finishing the creation of the concept of running the application in a safe environment in Azure, together with the Finnish team, tomorrow I will be building Azure Data Factory Pipelines for the data team, together with my colleagues from Poland. Before the end of the week, we will be analyzing how to effectively and optimally build an environment for almost 100 independent departments for another of our clients in Germany. 

At Nordcloud I learned to implement hyper-scale projects in an international environment. At Nordcloud you feel every day that you are a true Azure Architect – you solve problems of others with the use of the best possible technologies.

As we develop our Azure practice at Nordcloud we want to give you the opportunity to join us.

So how to get a job at Nordcloud and start working on prestigious projects?

  • Let’s get in touch, prepare your CV or LinkedIn profile, show us what you have on your GitHub account.
  • Let’s meet virtually. You and Tech Recruiter. Discuss who we are, what is your background and techie needs. We ask for preparing a technical solution. Perfect if this results in a repository on GitHub with a working code.
  • The technical assignment is important for us as we believe it’s a sample of your job, not only a declaration of skills. It’s easier to run a technical interview then and discuss what is your point of view on a prepared solution.
  • Our team of 2 tech interviewers will have a discussion with you, trying to challenge you why you decided to take a certain approach.
  • The final call with our Delivery Lead is organized, in order to summarize the process and agree on the condition.
  • We make an offer. We welcome you on board.

We are digital builders born in the cloud. Come and build with us. Apply in your location:

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    Hiring with a bang: When the tech and recruitment teams work together

    Dorota Kowalik, Global Recruitment Manager for Nordcloud joins Dariusz Dwornikowski, the Global Head of Engineering in conversation on the superfast Nordcloud careers journey.

    Dorota: In the beginning, we started small, with an important team of 20 in our Poland office and without any designated recruitment team. However, from there we went fast, superfast. We are now over 100 employees locally, and across regions, we have rapidly grown from 250 to over 500 globally. So how did we do it? In part, it’s about partnership between internal recruitment and tech leadership.

    How and why did you land at Nordcloud?

    I joined Nordcloud initially to help as a cloud architect in Germany, in parallel I was helping to open our Polish operations. We wanted to build a competence centre in Poznań, and utilize the wealth of new talent that is growing the polish employee market. I think we succeeded with this, quite nicely. After nearly 4 years we are above 150 employees in Poland, running offices in a growing number of other cities too. Poland is very important for Nordcloud, for example, our RnD and engineering capabilities are 100% based here. Our presence continues to go from strength to strength here.

    Dorota: I was inspired by the vision and potential of Nordcloud back in the time. You know, it is amazing when you see you can build or to have a real impact on the workplace. I wanted to offer an environment that is an engineering-positive and good place of work. Moreover, being around talented people and cutting-edge tech is exciting. Back at the start, the bar was set quite high and we’ve now set it even higher. My dream was to join a company which was at the very early stage of working on the local market and simply was destined to succeed.

    What did you face at the very beginning of setting up recruitment? 

    Well, in the beginning, there was zero brand awareness and quite limited visibility of Nordcloud in Poland. There was also a lack of enough “ready” skilled people on the market to be able to bring them to the company. Still, it has always been a great atmosphere, and our multi-cloud and public-cloud-only DNA has really acted as a magnet to attract top talent. We had a very small office with a super tiny kitchen. [laugh] Sounds silly, but no one likes eating lunch at their desk, right? Then, in a short time, we managed to grow within several units. During this time we faced some growing pains like any company in hyper-growth, be it standardising processes or standards, but we got there. We normally help each other on many fronts, both locally and globally. We moved to the new office in the city centre [Kupiec Poznanski] and kept developing internal processes with agility, the maturity of the teams and even more hiring to keep the sanity for some multitasking people!

    How do you make it work?

    We believe Poznan is a place to be as well as in other cities in Poland, so at some point, we opened 2 other offices in Poland, in Wroclaw and Warsaw. However, we are proud that our local HQ is in Poznan, the city of growing IT talent pool, liberal and modern place. You could meet us at different meetups and conferences. Our people are tech-savvy, so as speakers and trainers of Azure, GCP or AWS they contributed to the growth. Nordcloud is a not just a company, it’s a real culture where employees enjoy spending time together both in and out of work, sharing good vibes and ensure we have a truly enjoyable work environment.  We basically share a similar vision of Nordcloud’s future. To be honest there are not too many options in Poland to work with cloud-native technologies with enterprise-class customers on such big scale projects. Believe it or not, we interview a lot of people, and that’s the source of this knowledge. We hired super engineers and recruiters and that scales well. At Nordcloud, recruitment is part of growth and is linked to the business. Partnership with core business matters a lot.

    Why does recruitment matter for tech teams? Why should techies care about recruitment?

    Darek: Recruitment is the first contact that new potential colleagues have with the company, our values and our way of working. Recruiters have a critical role in showing new joiners exactly why so many people believe Nordcloud is a great place and a good fit. Hence, it is absolutely crucial in my opinion that tech and recruitment must work together to align which message we want to convey to the future Nordcloudians, but also which types of people we want to accept. Also, in a fast-growing market such as new technologies, it is important that recruitment understands deeply how we understand the evolution of profiles we are hiring, and without tech and business link to talent acquisition, it would not be possible. 

    Dorota:  All of this couldn’t happen if we don’t cooperate. For us, it’s kind of informal upskilling, sharing knowledge, inspiring each other to understand what’s behind the technology. In the end, they represent us in front of our clients both big and small, across regions.  How do we hire with the right level of skills and experience if we don’t know what our teams are actually doing? It’s not about keywords but a real understanding of the power in our people’s hands. Recruitment needs to be efficient as well as knowledgeable about the business, market and the company’s portfolio.

    How can tech teams support recruitment?

    Technology and business have to support recruitment by providing them with knowledge of who we want to hire and which skills are needed. This is a highly evolving market so we need to be in constant touch to align each other and support growing demands. Our recruitment uses the same tools and methodologies, agile processes, kanban boards and so much more. It helps them to prioritize their work and better steer in the right direction, for business and tech it gives transparency and ability to work in a better yet unstructured way. The key in hiring top talent is spotting fast and closing fast.

    Tech supports recruitment in interviews – the second stage is assessing actual technical skills and fit to the tech teams. We cooperate with recruitment by making our time available to check technical assignments, do the interview and discuss with talent acquisition further steps. Techies also contribute to the technical assignment which is approved by practice and business unit leads. Our recruiters are pretty knowledgeable about the technical skills they are looking for, some of them are even Azure certified.

    Summing up successful talent acquisition is when the cooperation between tech and recruitment exists in a continuous way. It is crucial to treat recruitment in an agile way where stakeholders are part of the process and not just decision gateways. Ultimately, candidates who apply and are accepted will be part of the Nordcloud family and interact with the whole company – in everyone’s interest is to hire the best fit – from a culture and skill perspective alike. 

    Wanna be part of it?

    We are always on the lookout for people with knowledge & experience in cloud technology. Let’s transform the world together.

    All openings to be found here: https://nordcloud.com/careers/

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      Short story of getting to Managed Cloud!

      In Poland, we have built a team of Managed Cloud Engineers and they simply rock when it comes to multi-cloud clients’ support. Currently, the hottest stuff there is Kubernetes. Read the new #NordcloudianStory shared with us by Jędrzej Piszcz, from Polish office.


      How did your adventure with Nordcloud start?

      I was looking for a place to develop my professional skills in the first place but I also wanted to get more flexibility and challenges in my workplace. When I found out about Nordcloud I was very excited – but then during an interview, I realized that my skills weren’t a perfect fit for the position I applied for, but fortunately we found a new position that matched perfectly.

      That’s nice because I actually was proposed to apply to another role and I really appreciate this approach to new candidates. I felt that someone cared about me even before I became a part of the team.

      Do you remember your first impression after coming to the office/starting work?

      A bit overwhelmed, yea!😅 People were talking a lot about public cloud-related stuff that I wasn’t aware of. In fact, this was also a reason why I managed to learn a lot in a short period and shortly after that joined the talks.

      What are your role and core competencies?

      I am Managed Cloud Engineer. I work with multiple public cloud environments, which were designed by our Architects. My daily work is making changes to these, ensuring their security, reliability and performance. Currently, I am focused on AWS and Kubernetes.

      What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

      Support from world-class professionals and a variety of tasks. There’s no single person that knows every technology and framework, but when you have a network of specialists in your team, the results are more than only the sum of individuals

      What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

      To really appreciate practical technical knowledge (not to disregard theory, of course!) coming from many delivered projects.

      What’s your favourite thing with public cloud?

      That you can quickly start any project with existing templates and managed services (I develop some on my own as a hobby in spare time and I probably wouldn’t decide to use some technologies if I had to maintain all the infrastructure) and later on you can scale it any way you want.

      What do you do outside work?

      Read and write SF novels, play online strategy/4X games, play squash and travel (whenever I can).

      Keen to hear more about our PL team? We are growing and looking for senior architects, engineers and developers!

      Check out the opportunities HERE!

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      Let’s discuss how we can help with your cloud journey. Our experts are standing by to talk about your migration, modernisation, development and skills challenges.

        Migrations to MS Azure – Best Practices shared in Poland



        June was quite an intensive month with MS Azure in our minds and hearts

        Together with Microsoft and our colleagues – Marcin Smelkowski, Sławomir Stanek and Piotr Rogala – we successfully delivered the Azure Migration Roadshow. It consisted of five meetings across Poland where we met ambitious and open-minded people who want to benefit from cloud transformation. The roadshow visited Szczecin, Wrocław, Katowice, Gdańsk and Łodź. Many thanks for all participants for your curiosity!

        Lots of tough, tricky questions and round table discussions with coffee cups in hands

        Our workshops were aimed to inform and spread knowledge of building an IT environment based on the public cloud. With our experience, we shared challenges that should be considered when planning the strategy for Data Center services, in particular:

        • When should you consider the migration?
        • What are the opportunities and risks associated with the migration?
        • When is the migration profitable?
        • What are the conclusions of analysis, considering the profitability of migration to Azure for Poland?

        Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies today. It is challenging the traditional ways of operating enterprise IT, applications and business processes. This is creating a market discontinuity, where the price of non-innovation can be significant as well as high costs associated with data driven companies. 

        How to be competitive in the digital transformation market?

        We often find several mistakes with the planning and implementation of IT environments using the public cloud. Often, companies carry the same assumptions and follow the same patterns that they are familiar with in their local environments. This results in increased costs as well as a reduction in potential profit.

        The public cloud creates an opportunity to improve IT capabilities. To support organizations with the provision of high-quality services and an improved, simplified operational model.

        The IDC research commissioned by Nordcloud 2019 shows that global spending on digital transformation will exceed more than $ 1.2 trillion by the end of 2019. At the same time, the pace of creating new business solutions and applications is growing. By the end of 2023, 500 million new applications will be created, which is equal to the number of applications built in the last 40 years.

        If you want to read about IDC survey findings check out below:

        Check the IDC study here

        Let’s stay in touch! We’ll back on road after vacations.

        Get in Touch.

        Let’s discuss how we can help with your cloud journey. Our experts are standing by to talk about your migration, modernisation, development and skills challenges.